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Who We Are

A non-profit for KRAS oncogene patients, survivors and their loved ones.

We bring together research, information and hope for all with a KRAS biomarker.

We strive to inspire comfort, hope, and community to fight in our common battle.

KRAS Kickers aims to provide knowledge of education and resources, including clinical trials, for cutting edge therapies. 

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We provide answers to your questions about KRAS, updates on clinical trials and medical breakthroughs, medical conference summaries, and more.


By providing education and support, our ultimate goal is to empower you and kick cancer’s KRAS together!


Through our Facebook group, Stories of Hope, and frequent events, we will connect you with leading experts in KRAS research, people who have been in your shoes, and more.

About the Founder
The founder Terri Conneran

Terri Conneran

Terri’s journey with lung cancer began with what she perceived as allergy and asthma-like symptoms. She developed pneumonia, which led to identification of a tumor and diagnosis of Stage 3 Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC). Since then she has had three recurrences. 


Terri didn’t find out until she was three years into her journey that she had a KRAS mutation - and what that meant for her prognosis and options. “I went looking for my community. As cancer patients, we’re always looking for commonalities. I wanted to connect with other people who had a cancer caused by a KRAS mutation, but I found there wasn’t a specific way to do that -- or a group dedicated to KRAS. So I founded KRAS Kickers to bring together the folks that KRAS affected – the patients and those who love us.” 


At the same time, Terri has focused on educating herself on KRAS and the latest developments. She attends conferences, reads academic journals, interviews world-renowned KRAS experts, and serves with different lung cancer, precision medicine and other non-profit boards.  She with enthusiasm knowing  developments are happening rapidly.  The info needs to be given to  the KRAS Kickers community as soon as possible. It makes a difference.

“Hope shared is hope multiplied.”

Terri Conneran

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