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What We Do

We share the KRAS info a patient needs now! 


We are patients seeking KRAS KNOWLEDGE
from TOP EXPERTS, for current & best treatments

Get the RESEARCH info as soon as available 

Joining alongside to ADVOCATE WITH YOU and
offer a community spirit of  SURVIVORSHIP  

Simply, our aim is to 

Kick cancer's KRAS!!
our lives depend on it


How We Help

We are in this Together


We are Patients TOO!!

Patients (care-partners) are searching for the most current research information available. We are patients too!

Researchers, biotech companies want to share appropriately with the patients following the regulations. 

The KRAS Kickers is the sweet spot that brings the patients, researchers and doctors together in an approachable, understandable community.  

We are supported by our member partners of nonprofits and corporations to have KRAS programming. We work alongside each other.  Instead of creating a new wheel, we connect each of the wheels together.


Our goal is for better, more and improved treatments for each person with a KRAS cancer. 

Since KRAS is a third of all cancers, our mutation is the most common.  As medicine becomes more precision based for such  targets, we KRAS patients have a more specialized need than just the place in our body the cancer started. We are in a fight for our lives, the faster we get on the best treatment the better we can live.  So, we create alliance partnerships for KRAS research, mentoring and other programs. 

The KRAS Kickers is finding all of our patients knowledge on the most current treatments and research. With these advocacy alliances we work together to increase survivorship for us all, with a KRAS mutant cancer. 

WE appreciate YOU.


WE are KRAS Kickers. 

stronger together. 

share your journey of hope with us 

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