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Support & Connect Groups

We are a supportive group dedicated to making everyone feel comfortable.

Hope Shared is Hope Multiplied

Online Support Groups 

WE appreciate YOU. You are OUR PEOPLE. 

WE are KRAS Kickers. Stronger Together.

In addition to empowering through education, we are here to offer hope and support. We have regular online meetups to share and connect with others where we can interact live online together in a casual forum. 

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 KRAS Webinars and Videos 

The convenience of being able to to watch a speaker you missed or want to just watch it again? Here is the information for you! 

Visit our KRAS Kickers YouTube channel to access educational conferences, webinars, and meetups featuring discussions with top doctors, researchers, and advocates in the KRAS community.

Private Facebook Community

Our private Facebook group allows you to connect with others with a KRAS mutant cancer.  Within our Facebook group, moderators address questions and direct you to available resources. Additional smaller groups are available for lung, colorectal, and specific biomarkers including KRAS G12A, G12C, G12D, G12V, and Q61.

Our Facebook Social group is all about fun, laughter, giggles, and camaraderie. No cancer, politics or sadness.

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Kick KRAS Buddy

KRAS Kickers proudly partners with the GO2 Foundation’s Phone Buddy Program to connect the community with peer support. The buddy program connects you to a Kick KRAS buddy on an individual basis. These are folks similar to you, either going through a treatment or uniquely qualified. If and when you are ready, we'd love for you to share your hope as a Kick KRAS buddy too! 

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