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In addition to empowering through education, we are here to offer hope and support

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We have a private Facebook group that allows you to connect with people who have KRAS. 

Join us and you’ll be able to:

- Ask questions (Sometimes a doctor can tell you about a treatment but you can ask the group about the details.)

- Find camaraderie

- Get the latest developments

- We welcome patients and anyone in their circle of support!

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KRAS Kickers: "Let's Talk and Info Share"

We are a supportive group dedicated to making everyone feel comfortable.


You can share to your level of comfort.

We base our information in research and science - our group moderators will address questions and direct you to available resources.


Journeys of Hope

More stories coming soon ...

What Our Members Are Saying...

Support Group

I especially appreciate the vast knowledge some of you have gathered and shared here through your own research. Gives me much hope that treatment and new meds are being sought and tried.

- Mariko D., KRAS Kicker