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Oct 2020 Is it safe to participate in clinical trials?Hope with Answers Terri Coneran with Dr. Hossein Borghaei, Chief in the Division of Thoracic Med& Dr
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Pushes for testing for all 10 NCCN Guidline Biomarkers.

Step by step guides that provide questions to ask your doctors, patient-friendly illustrations, and glossaries. 

The Caring Ambassadors Program helps you and your loved ones understand your cancer and your health care options. 

Hope with Answers has videos and podcasts to help you understand your lung cancer diagnosis.

Provides free education on the financial, legal, and practical issues that arise after a cancer diagnosis.

Learn about KRAS G12C, 24-hour protein regeneration, and how it works.

Visit to learn more about the most prevalent emerging biomarker in NSCLC.

Learn more about our pioneering research in taking on one of cancer research’s toughest challenges, and hear first-hand from patients and Amgen scientists.

A database of privately and publicly funded clinical studies conducted around the world.

Provides information and statistics about some of the most common cancers in the United States. 

Defines KRAS-positive lung cancer and how is it treated?

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