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Melanie's tribute to Momma

She was more then just my momma she was my best friend. In 2014 her life changed when she found out she had lung cancer but she didn't let that bring her down we had lots of great days together my mother had 5 children and a huge family supporting her thru surgery, radiation, infusions and many many gamma knives and thru all that she still always kept a smile on her face.

While My mother was being treated the Drs were very supportive and over the 8 years of getting to know my mother and her health they grew a relationship they made her feel very comfortable throughout her whole journey with them. We learned so many things about her cancer my mother would stay up for hours internet searching reading other peoples stories or for new treatments in clinical trial she was so determined to learn about her cancer and who she was she Inspired me to help others as well my mom truly embodied being a KRAS Kicker in heart body & spirit.

I want US to make a difference, make it better for all of our tomorrows! She was so smart and so caring she prayed one day they would find a cure for her mutation and I believe they will by the help of us all. My mother had stage IV non-small cell lung adenocarcinoma KRAS G12D. She had part of her lung removed in 2014 recovered and took a break she continued life then in 2015 she started having brain lesions which were due to the lung cancer after being admitted and treated with steroid a few months passed. She was set up for her 1st Gamma Knife (Stereotactic Radiosurgery) it focuses on the specific targeted area of the brain rather then the whole brain and it helped give her more time but she continued to have them over the next 7 years my mother also was battling with MDS and blood disorder called myelodysplastic syndrome which was controlled also by her amazing Dr's she definitely gave it her all and she never let it break her. She took lots of trips to Florida and Missouri to see her family and friends she made the best of everyday she loved Jesus, the beach, shopping, watching her soaps and the St Louis Cardinals!!!

My mother was known for having the biggest heart. She has had so many life challenges and I'm so proud of her for all the ways she loved and helped so many people she was the daughter , sister , mom, grandma aunt & friend that everyone wanted to have. I'm glad she is out of pain but the pain she left me is far beyond worse then anything I ever felt she is greatly loved and sadly missed. Forever in my heart and internally in my soul!!

May God Grant You Eternal Rest Momma

My momma gained her wings March 13, 2022

The love you gave and time we spent together will live forever be with us.

We miss you momma .


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